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Asset Holding & Protection Asset Holding & Protection

Looking for a Secure Location for the Protection of Your Assets?

Enjoy the protection offered by a limited company or trust structure for holding your assets.

At Peregrine we offer complete peace of mind for the protection of your assets. Whether it be real estate, an art collection or intellectual copyright, you can depend on us to maintain the security of your property.

Based in the Isle of Man, operating under one of the longest continual parliaments in the world, we are a firm run by Chartered Accountants and licensed by the Financial Services Authority. This provides you with comfort and confidence that your assets will be managed effectively by reliable professionals operating in a well-regulated and politically stable jurisdiction.

Our experienced and long serving staff have developed strong relationships with financial institutions in the Isle of Man and in many major finance centres around the world to ensure that your assets are held with the most appropriate banks, investment managers and custodians.