The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

The Isle of Man, a small Island located in the Irish Sea, has grown and built itself a reputation as one of the premier jurisdictions to register a private aircraft. With a population of 80,000, the Island is now one of the best business centres in the world.

One of the main benefits for the Isle of Man is its close knit community - the local Government prides itself on being at the very heart of it all. Supporting the Island's private sector with a business friendly approach, the Island's Government has set up a department specifically to deal with the registration of private aircraft on the Isle of Man, ensuring it always provides a superior level of service and efficiency.

The Isle of Man not only offers 0% corporation tax, there is also no insurance premium tax payable on the Isle of Man, which can often lead to lower costs in relation to your assets as well as confidence any gains should not be taxable on the Island.

There is an opportunity to customise your aircraft's registration; each aircraft must have the prefix "M" at the start of the registration number, but the four remaining digits are completely customisable (subject to Registry approval). The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry also offers helicopter registration; they don't just restrict it to private jets.

In order to register your aircraft, the Registry prides itself that the aircraft can be located anywhere in the world, so there is absolutely no requirement for you or your aircraft to visit the Island. To make this easier, the Island's Aircraft Registry has technicians around the world who are able to inspect the aircraft and issue the necessary paperwork in order to get your jet in the air as soon as possible. Although most people do come and visit the Island, you can complete the registration process wherever you are based.

The aircraft operator doesn't need to be located on the Island either, as it is usually a separate entity. This is a huge benefit, particularly when you are regularly flying within Non-European time zones, when offices on the Island may not be open, allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of using the Isle of Man Registry.

The good news is, the aircraft registration process on the Isle of Man has been evaluated and analysed to make it as straightforward as possible and less time consuming for the owner. The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is widely recognised amongst the world's most customer-focused registries.

How Peregrine Corporate Services can help

Peregrine Corporate Services ("Peregrine") specialises in providing high quality, bespoke services to individuals, companies and trusts, working closely with its clients' professional associates and tax advisors to ensure the solutions provided fit the specific need of each client. Established in 1986, Peregrine is an independent, owner-managed company and has strong associations with professional firms in the legal, banking, investment, accountancy and property sectors in the Isle of Man.

As Peregrine is licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission ("FSC"), we are able to provide incorporation and management services for aircraft holding companies, bringing the tax advantages of the Isle of Man, including no Manx capital taxes, to your aircraft holding structure.

We can also contact private banks to arrange financing as we have almost 30 years experience providing services to high net worth individuals and have established a good portfolio of contacts to assist in sourcing finance for the purchase of your aircraft.

We have also established many contacts within the aircraft registry to ensure we can provide the best service to our clients at all times.

Evaluation of benefits

  • No insurance premium tax
  • No Isle of Man corporation tax
  • Customisable registrations
  • Can register helicopters alongside private jets
  • Aircraft can be located anywhere in the world
  • Worldwide reach
  • Aircraft operator needn't be located on the Island
  • Straightforward process

Download the Isle of Man Registry factsheet

Peregrine Corporate Services Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.