My time at Peregrine so far...

Martin Hall

I joined the board of Peregrine Corporate Services Limited (“Peregrine”) in August and I’m responsible for day to day operations of the company, managing key client relationships and developing new business opportunities. In my previous two roles I have worked my way through the ranks which has given me the opportunity to learn from the ground up. I’m a firm believer you need to have an understanding of the company’s processes from the ground up to enable you to provide a direction for the business and the team.

Entering Peregrine at a more senior level has challenged me to understand the day to day processes, learning the ethos, culture and vision of the firm while taking the time to understand the existing compliance and risk management culture. These are all intertwined when it comes to any business and my team and co-directors have been really helpful in giving me the time and tools to develop and learn this.

It’s a privilege to join a firm that is highly respected locally as well as internationally by its wide range of clients, intermediaries and advisers.  I have had great experiences in medium sized managed owned business’s before, which I am sure will continue with Peregrine. The ability to be agile in decision making, at the front line for the strategic development while working with the team to bring a high level of service to the client base is rewarding.  So the future is exciting, Peregrine are keen to develop on its existing client and product base, but is also driven to continue to build out and diversify the business. Exciting and challenging times lie ahead and I look forward to being a part of this.

Peregrine Corporate Services Limited is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.