Island based Companies to head back to South Africa to host Second Roadshow

South Africa roadshow speakers

Peregrine Corporate Services Limited (“Peregrine”), Maitland Group, Capital International Group and Optimus Group are heading out to South Africa to host their second roadshow between 8th and 11th October.

The four organisations will visit Johannesburg and Cape Town to deliver a variety of events all aimed at promoting the Isle of Man and its finance sector. The events will include Q&A panel sessions, private dinners and informal breakfast meetings, which aim to provide delegates with more information about overcoming the challenges of establishing and running Isle of Man structures and pensions, inform guests about the “Isle of Man journey”, and to continue building long-standing relationships between the two countries.

A delegation from the Isle of Man will travel out to South Africa ahead of the roadshow which will include Basil Bielich and Kate Parrish (both of Peregrine), Antony Kelsey (Capital), Colin Bird (Maitland), and Dave Thomas and David Stephenson (both of Optimus), who will be met in South Africa by David Noon and Helen Jones (both of Capital), and Anthea Stephens (Maitland).

“I’m pleased that our first roadshow in February was a great success,” enthused Basil. “A lot of time and hard work went into organising the trip and I think that showed in the level of positive feedback received from those who attended the events. Our first trip was about promoting the Isle of Man and what it has to offer as a jurisdiction; this time round we are keen to build on that but we would also like to go into more depth about topical things we are facing such as tax transparency and economic substance. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests to our events in Johannesburg and Cape Town and are feeling positive about our trip.”

To find out more about the South Africa roadshow, please contact Basil Bielich at or Kate Parrish 

Photograph: Speakers at the first roadshow in Cape Town – [L-R] – David Noon, Dave Thomas, Colin Bird, Anthea Stephens, Nick Preskey and Basil Bielich.