Four Isle of Man Companies to Tour South Africa

Basil Bielich

Peregrine Corporate Services Limited (“Peregrine”) is heading to South Africa next month with three other Island based companies to host several events between 12th and 14th February. Maitland Group, Capital International Group and Optimus Group will join Peregrine on the trip, coming together to bring the “Isle of Man Journey” to South Africa.

Over three days, the four companies will visit Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to deliver events consisting of a variety of informative presentations and an interactive Q&A panel session, with an aim of providing delegates an opportunity to learn more about how South Africa and the Isle of Man can work together to develop more long-standing relationships.

The Isle of Man and South Africa have a long history. In the late 1800’s, many miners and their families who lived in the Isle of Man were drawn to South Africa to seek employment. The strong relationship between South Africa and the Isle of Man developed over the years with many South Africans currently contributing to the growth of the Isle of Man. The Island today has its own thriving South African community with strong business connections.

The presentations, which will be given by Basil Bielich (Peregrine), Colin Bird (Maitland – Isle of Man), Anthea Stephens (Maitland – South Africa), David Noon (Capital – South Africa), Antony Kelsey (Capital – Isle of Man) and Dave Thomas (Optimus), will cover relocating to the Isle of Man, planning your offshore journey, the technical aspects and issues that individuals and companies need to consider, how to find the ideal platform provide when investing offshore and the benefits of Isle of Man pensions. Chaired by Nick Preskey from the Department for Enterprise, each event will finish with a “Question and Answer” panel session allowing delegates to dig deeper into subjects of interest.

“Like many other businesses on the Island, we travel regularly to South Africa to visit our clients who are based there,” said Basil. “We felt there was an opportunity to promote the Isle of Man by having a number of Manx firms work together to showcase the Island. I’m originally from South Africa but I’ve been on the Island for over 20 years and since living here, I’ve always been very passionate about helping to grow our economy. Many South Africans use other jurisdictions for their company and private business so our collective main objective is to go and talk to our contacts and highlight the many benefits of the Isle of Man and tell them why it could work for them. We chose to work with Maitland, Capital and Optimus because they are successful in their own right and either have an office based in South Africa and/or travel there frequently. I’ve really enjoyed working closely with them all so far and I look forward to delivering what we hope to be three successful events.”