Our Heritage

Client Protection

At Peregrine, all of our staff take their professional responsibilities seriously and place great value on the reputation of the company that has been carefully developed over time since its incorporation 1986.

Listening to the needs of our clients and their advisors in order to deliver the best possible service to meet their requirements has provided the foundation for the success experienced over the last 30 years and continues to be the guiding principle by which the business is run.

The senior staff and directors within Peregrine have all worked in the business for many years and the continuity of service experienced by clients provides reassurance that their affairs will be pro-actively managed by a team that understands their business and their requirements. All the directors of Peregrine are qualified accountants with decades of combined experience and, as a licensed fiduciary service provider, all senior members of the team have been personally vetted and approved by the Isle of Man Government's Financial Services Authority ("FSA").

Over many years in business we have developed excellent working relationships with numerous financial services firms in the Isle of Man and across the world to ensure our clients' assets are held with the most secure institutions. We work particularly closely with several of the major banks located in the Isle of Man.

Licensing obligations

The FSA conducts ongoing monitoring of all licenceholders, enabling them to regularly review our systems, procedures and solvency. We believe that this process provides our clients with comfort and peace of mind that their assets are being professionally managed at all times.

As part of our licensing obligations we must provide our clients with a formal letter of engagement detailing in full, the services we provide and our terms and conditions. This service agreement not only covers the terms of our appointment but also the steps taken by Peregrine to protect our client's assets.